Nuun Dinner

On Tuesday (7/21) night, my husband and I headed over to Nuun again. I was near his work, we were both hungry, and we were still salivating over the last visit!
For those who don’t know: Nuun is a truly fabulous restaurant in Akabanebashi that caters to yuru-beji (loosely vegetarians), and has offerings for vegans and strict vegetarians, too. This food is so delicious and is served in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, in a super-hip environment.
We were both super hungry, and we got a LOT of food (the better to show you, of course!).
Let me give you a look at our heavenly repast…


Two views of the yuba-skin spring rolls with sweet chili sauce. The vegetables inside included green beans, carrots, and lettuce. The combination was incredibly scrumptious – crunchy, with that little sweet zing of the sweet chili sauce to add panache.

Now, two views of the steamed seasonal vegetables with rock salt and green chili pepper miso paste for dipping. The vegetables were steamed perfectly – not too soft or too hard. The list: cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes, baby carrots, asparagus, kabocha, sugar snap peas, and baby corn. The sauces are shown in the first picture on the side plate. It was a perfect serving for two, and the vegetables matched very well with the salt and pepper miso paste.

On to the main courses:

This is the yam and okra okonomiyaki. The yam is Japanese yamaimo, or mountain yam, and is very slimy in texture. Doesn’t sound good, but pairs very well with okra, another slimy food. Also, yamaimo has a very fresh, crisp taste that really goes well in okonomiyaki.
For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of eating okonomiyaki: it is a pancake made of shredded cabbage, flour, broth, egg, and various added ingredients. It is then topped with okonomiyaki sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce), katsuobushiKewpie mayonnaise, and aonori. This one had okonomiyaki sauce and katsuobushi, mizuna, yamaimo, and okra. I forgot to tell them to hold the katsuobushi, but I know that they will keep it off if you ask. I just picked it off and gave it to my husband.
Ah… something that I could eat 100 of in one meal! This is makomotake deep fried with almonds. You dip it into rock salt, and it is topped with shisoflowers and chives. The texture of makomotake is… indescribable. You really have to eat it – crisp, almost crunchy, with a nutty flavor. Makomotake is not available in the US, as it is caused by a fungal infection of the Manchurian Wild Rice plant. Too bad, as this vegetable is truly, utterly, fabulously delicious!
Next, we had gluten meat with steamed asparagus and a ginger sauce. I have had gluten meat-alternatives before, but this is honestly the most tender, delicious, flavorful one that I have eaten. I wish I could have eaten nothing but this! The asparagus was, as always at Nuun, steamed perfectly. To garnish: mixed greens and shiraganegi,“gray-hair spring onion”.

 Finally, we had the carbs of our meal with spinach noodles, dipped in a soup of tomatoes and garlic. So refreshing and absolutely perfect as the end of our meal. The noodles were served cold, topped with mizuna and shiso flowers. The soup was also cold, and had chunks of tomato and garlic. I think that there might have been chicken broth in the soup (there is a meat symbol next to this dish on the menu, but no obvious meat), and the noodles are egg noodles. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. Again, I wished I could have eaten more of this dish, but I was already so full!

 And we finished our meal with the panna cotta again. I simply cannot describe how rich and flavorful this panna cotta is, how delicious, cool, and refreshing, how great the texture is. The fruits that came with it were apple and mango slices, and accented the panna cotta very well.
Overall impression: we’ll be back again soon!



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